Founded at the University of California Santa Cruz on May 22, 2003, Sigma Phi Zeta is a local multicultural fraternity dedicated to building brotherhood, fostering cultural diversity, and promoting standards of excellence in service and education. Our fraternity holds the membership of some of the most successful students on campus. We have members who excel in math, science, art, engineering, and those who show extraordinary talents in a variety of other areas. We pride ourselves in being a Local Fraternity and as such, the community of Santa Cruz is the base for various philanthropic and service projects.

One of the principles that Sigma Phi Zeta was founded upon is the diffusion of liberal Culture. We do not discriminate in any way, shape, or form for any reason whatsoever. The Fraternity looks down upon this practice, and we will not tolerate it from any individual we come in contact with in any context. As brothers that welcome and celebrate diversity, Sigma Phi Zeta proudly encourages cultural awareness through various cultural events and projects. Our fraternity embodies over 20 diverse nationalities and cultures ranging from Latin America to areas of Italy, New Zealand, Asia, Bulgaria, Spain, Africa, and France. We are a true brotherhood, built on the foundations of trust, loyalty, responsibility, and respect.

Our Alumni Network is an ever growing group of exemplary members that have graduated and continued the ideals of Sigma Phi Zeta in other aspects of their careers. With hundreds of Alumni across the nation, these men represent the success that is associated with the values a Zeta Brother practices in their Undergraduate career.

Do not go where the path may lead… go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.